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This page is dedicated to my favorite hobby, radio. Right now as you read this there are thousands of radio signals flashing through your house, through your computer, through you, at the speed of light. Broadcast radio and TV stations, police and emergency communications, TV transmissions from satellites in space, cellular telephone conversations, airplane pilots talking with control towers, scrambled military messages, shortwave broadcasts from around the world in scores of languages. All you need is a radio to capture these radio waves and eavesdrop on all the action.

By the way, the above photograph is of the Voice of America transmitting site at Bethany, Ohio. The VOA has abandoned and given away this site to local governments. When I drove past this antenna , beside Interstate 75 north of Cincinnati at Christmas 1997, the two end towers of the curtain array had been cut down and were laying on their sides. Only the center tower was still standing. Most of the numerous rhombic antennas at this site have been dismantled also. It makes me sad, I will miss these radio towers. Update on the fate of these towers and this former VOA site.

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